‘Final Space’ – The Animated Show That’s More Than What It Appears To Be.

Looking for a quality animated show to watch? Consider this space dramedy.

(Image credit: TBS)

When I first saw that this one show called Final Space was on my Netflix recommended list, I thought it would be one of those shows you watch when you’re having your dinner. You know those – the mindless stuff.

Oh, was I mistaken. What started out as a story about the protagonist – an astronaut by the name of Gary Goodspeed – working his way out of a prison sentence turns into one that makes you laugh (Gary’s not really bright at times but he is charming and funny), cry and even rage.

Gary befriends Mooncake, a green adorable as heck alien who so happens to be a planet-killing being. Of course, being a living weapon has its drawbacks. It turns out that Mooncake is wanted by the Lord Commander who wants to harness the friendly planet-killing alien’s powers. The show then follows the adventures of Gary and Mooncake as they venture off to find if there is an end to the universe – if there is, a Final Space.

During these adventures, both Gary and Mooncake encounter a myriad of characters – some good, some with ulterior motives and some just out for blood. Each of these encounters weave seamlessly into Gary’s life and we see how he reacts to each of them. I truly enjoy how this series has been written. As mentioned before, Gary’s not the brightest tool in the shed BUT as the season goes on, we see him mature and of course, his relationships with other characters evolve as well.

‘Final Space’‘s creator is Olan Rogers, whom I knew back then as a Youtuber who had a funny video short that featured his cat, Starscream. So it was a pleasant surprise to see his name pop us as the creator of this wonderful show featuring well-written characters and an incredible animation style.

So, if you’re looking for a new animated show to watch, consider ‘Final Space’.

‘Final Space’ seasons 1 and 2 are now up on Netflix Singapore and on AdultSwim.

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