Hideo Kojima’s World Strand Tour 2019 – the Singapore stop.

A peek into the legendary game creator’s first ever appearance in Singapore.

When it was first announced that the legendary Hideo Kojima would be coming down to Singapore as one of his many stops for the Death Stranding World Strand Tour, I thought that hey, it would be cool to get a ticket.

Until I found out that the tickets would be released on Peatix in 3 batches, which meant that it was a first come first served deal. So the day came for the tickets to be released and I was fortunate enough to be able to snag two – one for me, another for my sister. That was 2 weeks before the event.

Cut to the day of the event. As we walked into Victoria Theatre, the line for those walking in with the hopes of getting unclaimed tickets was not yet meandering and everyone was well-behaved. I guess it’s true about Singaporeans – we just love to queue.

A few minutes before 2pm, the queue started moving and we soon got our wristbands. Then it’s a 3 hour wait to the start of the event!

So, we walked into the theatre and settled into our seats. The lights went off and there was a beam on the stage – Kojima! Of course, no Hideo Kojima appearance would be complete without his frequent collaborator, the equally legendary Yoji Shinkawa.

Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san talked about how Death Stranding was about connection – with everyone who was playing and with those in our lives. Like the footprints that you see on the beach in the game, they intertwine with those of others. Then they answered fan questions like, “What is the heaviest bag you’ve carried?”

Kojima-san answered that the company (which he’s started from scratch) and the 100 staff under him would be the heaviest bag he has had to carry while Shinkawa-san said that it would be the birth of his child.

He (Kojima-san, that is) was also in awe of the architecture in Gardens by the Bay. One can hope that he would be inspired enough to feature Singapore in his next game!

At the end of the event, attendees got the chance to take a photo with both Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san!

At least I had the sense to wear black!

All in all, I think that the event was well-managed – the only complaint I have was that there should be two cash registers at the merchandise booth to help make the queue move quicker. Otherwise, most of the complaints I’ve seen so far were from people who were upset that they weren’t able to score tickets or that they weren’t able to get things autographed!

Good job, Playstation Asia! I do hope more of these events can be organised in the future.

Death Stranding is out now – you can buy digitally on the Playstation Store or at your nearest game store!

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