Captain Marvel Fan Event @ Marina Bay Sands

The last time I attended a fan event at Marina Bay Sands, it was the one for Avengers: Civil War. That was a mess – except for the part where Anthony Mackie climbed over the press barricade to get to us and take a selfie… not that I was in the photo because I pushed my sister to the front so that she could have a memorable first experience. That and of course me being only five feet tall.

I’d vowed to never go to another fan event again because 1) I’m too old for all the queuing, and 2) I dislike crowds. I was super adamant to not go to the Captain Marvel event until I received 2 tickets from a friend.

While others had to queue long hours, I was fortunate to know someone who had tickets.

As the event was on a Thursday, I was relieved that my boss let me knock off earlier. I arrived and dare I say, I absolutely LOVED the layout of the venue. It was very Mass Effect meets a snazzy space exhibit at the Science Centre. The folks over at Marina Bay Sands definitely learned from past events.

Sure, I had to stand for three whole hours with a busted knee (thanks, jiu-jitsu) while witnessing a couple in front of me making out every 5 minutes because it was Valentine’s but I have to admit, the thrill of seeing people you see on the big screen in the flesh never does goes away.

Would I do it again? Only if I get invited.

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