Here are highlights of some of the writing and social media projects I have done over the years, ranging from writing food articles, interviewing a Hollywood celebrity and working on raising awareness for social enterprises in Singapore.


Asian Food Network

10 Delicious Treats to Feast on at Hari Raya

10 Delicious Treats to Feast on at Hari Raya

Celebrate the end of the fasting month and bring your family on a dessert trip through the Middle East and Southeast Asia with sweet and decadent treats.

6 Effortlessly Easy Breakfast Recipes for a Fuss-Free Sahur

Early morning breakfast? Fret not, make these fuss-free recipes that’ll have you in and out of the kitchen in no time.

[Food Review] Squisito Shines with Halal Italian Food in the Heart of Bugis

Need some spice to go with your Italian? Try out Squisito in downtown Singapore, where Italian dishes have been adapted to suit the Singaporean palate.


A Conversation with Joe Manganiello

Talked True Blood, 3:59INC and fan photos.

Lime Agency Newsletter

Raiding Dungeons and Slaying Dragons in Singapore

So, how does one get into Dungeons & Dragons? How do you start?


The Food Detectives

Wrote episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

The Food Detectives is a 13-part original food/entertainment series that explores the food we eat every day. Each week, host Nikki Muller examines the truths, debunks the myths and provides food for thought about the meals we love.

Social Media

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on reducing plastic waste through education, infrastructure and empowerment. Through the power of social media, the Alliance aims to bring awareness to their mission.



Can plastic waste aid in disaster relief?⁠⁠
@theplaf is the perfect example of how waste can be seen as an opportunity instead of a hazard! With our help, they will collect plastic waste from Metro #Manila and turn them into emergency shelter kits, providing housing to communities displaced by natural disasters in the #Philippines.⁠⁠
The project, Planks of Promise, aims to:⁠⁠
♻️ Ramp up plastic waste recycling rates ⁠⁠
♻️ Recycle 2,000 tons of plastic waste per year by 2022⁠⁠
🏠 Provide shelter to displaced Filipinos in times of need⁠⁠
Click the link in our bio to find out more.



Find balance between honouring traditions and being sustainable with our tips to reduce plastic waste during the Lunar New Year celebrations!

From digitising the red packet experience to finding new uses for New Year snack containers, these are some of the ways you can usher in good fortune while doing your part to #EndPlasticWaste.



It is possible to #EndPlasticWaste when there is trust, transparency, and cooperation among all players involved throughout the plastics supply chain.

Start-up Circularise was founded by Jordi de Vos and Mesbah Sabur when they realised how most plastics were not recycled due to the lack of information on their composition.

With support from the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform, Circularise has partnered with plastics suppliers to help them trace materials—from source to recycling—on a public blockchain without the risk of exposing sensitive data.

This can then have the potential to boost recycling, improve resource use, open new markets for secondary raw materials, and advance the transition to a circular economy.


United Parcel Service (UPS)

Known as one of the largest and most trusted global shipping & logistics companies, UPS APAC needed witty copywriting support for their Facebook account—these included copies for both posts and the visual.

Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)

Social Enterprise of the Week

In order to support raiSE’s efforts to bring awareness to the contributions of Social Enterprises in Singapore, an extensive social media campaign that ranged from featuring the products and services of social enterprises through aesthetically pleasing graphics, to running ads to increase the public’s exposure to social enterprises, and to creating Facebook events to help garner the interests of budding social entrepreneurs and the public for raiSE workshops were executed.

OLW – Cheezy Swedish Snacks!

OLW Singapore Facebook

OLW Cheezy snacks are a household name in their native Sweden but in Singapore, they’re only known amongst the Scandinavian expatriates as well as those who hang out extensively at the Swedish Food Market in Ikea. The challenge was to make a beloved Scandinavian snack appealing to Singaporeans, so what is more Singaporean than the concept of sharing food, Sir Stamford Raffles and highlighting the fact that the snacks are readily available at FairPrice?

VOILAH! 2018

VOILAH! Singapore 2018

Working closely with the French Embassy in Singapore, I was tasked to create a social media strategy that was best to help promote the slew of activities that were in store for Singaporeans for the annual VOILAH! festival without it being too overbearing.


Safe Barriers

Safe Barriers – Conserve Water video

Safe Barriers is the developer and manufacturer of the Defender Barrier, a steel safety barrier that uses less water than the conventional water-filled ones that you see at most construction sites. To help educate potential buyers as well as those working in construction on how steel barriers can actually benefit the environment, I was tasked to write and storyboard a short video that was then shared on Safe Barriers’ LinkedIn.

Labo Labo by Dr. Ci:Labo

VC Gel | Mask | Lotion | Oil Cleanser

To educate consumers on how to properly use Labo Labo by Dr.Ci:Labo products, I storyboarded a set of stop-motion GIFs that were then hosted on Labo Labo’s website.

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